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Contemporary Fine Art | Fabrika 7 | Dmitry Krasny
Fabrika 7 | Dmitry Krasny

Torn between the “old country” and my home, wanting to be a true American, but not letting go of my heritage, my artwork reflects the constant duality of my life. As a graphic designer and photographer I may see creative and inspirational elements in the most unexpected of places. Working on large scale installations also allows me to examine my work from a different perspective. The contrasts of order and disorder, macro and micro views of the works, and inviting the viewer to spend time and get more involved in the experience after the initial glance are of great interest to me. Connecting naturally the photographs and unique monoprints within the environment of the site is the main focus of this installation. Each space is different and the work must invisibly integrate with the environment to give the visitor a glimpse of something new and unexpected.