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Contemporary Fine Art | Fabrika 7 | Ethan Abelev
Fabrika 7 | Ethan Abelev

Ethan Abelev is eight years old.  He presently lives in Woodmere, NY, although his imagination has taken him all over the world and time.  He visited different centuries and countries, dark forests, high mountains and deep oceans with his favorite books, and he has even his own country - Ethania, complete with it’s own language, Ethanic. His real family includes his parents and two younger brothers.

Ethan began to draw at the age of four. From that age he could be found very often sitting on the floor with a piece of paper and a pencil or black pen creating his own world. He does not like colors. All his drawings are black and white. Before the first lines appear on the paper he "sees" the picture in his imagination.  He never changes a line on the pictures and never uses erasers.

Dinosaurs, monsters, warriors, and sportsmen are his favorite characters.

Ethan's slide show (the same as that you could see at art show)