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Contemporary Fine Art | Fabrika 7 | Emil Silberman
Fabrika 7 | Emil Silberman

I am fascinated by installations and site specific works. For past sevaral years I have done numerous installations in old factory buildings in Patterson, New Jersey and at other locations. When I enter those spaces, I feel a rush of creative energy. Ideas start racing in my mind and a childish feeling of being in a magical place fills my heart. The strange colors and texture of decay of old industrial buildings, large open spaces along with unusual artifacts left behind  all get recorded in my memmory and become a constant stimulus for ideas of installations for days and weeks to come. Often the smallest detail may turn to be a major idea and the pursuit of it makes this process so exciting. In my installations I alway seek to present a statement or a spiritual concept  but at the same time I remain acutely aware of the surroundings with all of its complex  materials and in doing so I attempt to command the entire space. Often the walls, hanging wires and the peeling paint are the major part of an installation. I hope that the viewer will see the beauty in those unexpected places and will enjoy installations, site specific works and other artworks which were created by artists of the "Fabrika 7" exhibition.